Summer school for kids 2

Join our Summer Schools in July and August. Fun, creativity and confidence from the World's English Experts!

Learning English with the British Council will give your child that all important competitive edge. It will help them get better grades and a better chance of getting into the university of their choice; and they will be able to make the most of their free time: watching films, listening to music and chatting with friends from all over the world.

Our summer curriculum engages learners with a teaching approach suitable to their age and development. We have a theme-based syllabus aimed at developing natural communication and literacy.

Learners will use English in a meaningful way to take part in fun class activities and projects that develop life skills and promote exam success.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp offers an additional 18 hours of English for only 892.50 AED.

Enjoy our regular Summer School and stay for an extra 1.5 hours of projects and challenges designed to boost your child’s confidence and fluency. 

Teens learning with the World's English Experts will:

  • get a qualified and experienced teacher
  • use English every day in class and on our exciting activity programme
  • work with classmates on a series of creative projects
  • improve their English and grow in confidence
  • have a great time learning English.

The British Council is dedicated to excellence in teaching and creating a safe and secure learning environment. We treat every child as an individual and value their potential and contribution. We believe that sharing cultures, languages and knowledge is key to becoming successful and compassionate global citizens. We encourage curiosity, creativity and independence by providing outstanding learning experiences.

All children develop in different ways and at different rates. Rather than using formal assessment, children are helped to self-evaluate and their achievements are celebrated in their workbooks, parent open days and feedback from teachers.

Course information

  • Level

    Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate.

  • Course Format

    Summer School

    36 hours. 12-day course.


  • How to register

  • Cost

    Summer School

    3,250 AED

    Sibling Discount: Register two or more children and get AED 100 off for every child registered