An English course that goes further – so your child can go further too

Our Summer School English course, developed by our team of English experts, will spark your child’s imagination, so they can express themselves with confidence that goes beyond their English language skills. 

Immersive classes with expert teachers to boost English speaking and writing skills

Happy learners make confident speakers! There are many reasons your child will love our classes:

  • lots of time to practise speaking English, having fun learning with classmates of the same age in groups and pairs
  • small class sizes mean that our highly qualified and passionate teachers can give more personalised attention
  • the chance to enjoy natural interactions and bond with classmates

Developing the life skills your child needs for their future

Your child will also develop leadership, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a relaxed environment where they can be themselves. They will:

  • work in teams or pairs to practise speaking, problem-solving and collaborating on projects with a focus on real-world topics like the natural world and the environment
  • build resilience and get used to communicating and collaborating with others in preparation for life in a global, digital world.  



Course information

  • Levels

    Beginner to Upper Intermediate

  • Course Format

    Face to Face classes  
    5 classes per week, 3 hours per day


  • Price

    •  2 weeks: was AED 3000 now AED 2900 SAVE AED 100
    •  4 weeks: was AED 6000 now AED 5400 SAVE AED 600
    • 6 weeks: was AED 9000 now AED 7800, SAVE AED 1200

Class Timetables
Summer School


Registration dates

Course Dates

*Summer School 1

Open for registration

17 July – 28 July

*Summer School 2

Open for registration

31 July – 11 August

*Summer School 3

Open for registration

14 August – 25 August

*Flexible start dates to suit your needs.

Please note that exact class timetables will be confirmed upon registration.

Deepen their learning between classes

 Your child will prepare for each class with independent study, set by their teacher to complete at their own pace so class time is more focused on improving their English-speaking skills. This part of their experience

  • helps your child improve their English reading, writing and listening skills with engaging, high-quality online learning resources designed by experts
  • keeps your child motivated with online exercises and activities, including quizzes and games based on real-world topics and fun characters
  • gives them space to deepen their understanding of English and improve their grammar and vocabulary
  • is child-friendly and easy to use, so they can work independently
  • has built-in self-evaluation, so your child can feel proud of their progress and reflect on where they can improve
  • includes a personalised dashboard so you and your child can understand where they are within their learning journey

 A safe, supportive place to learn

We are trusted by parents the world over, not only for our expertise in teaching English, but for our high levels of child protection and safeguarding. We’ve put in place robust measures to make sure your child is safe and that their data is protected.

Technical requirements

Interactive study can be accessed using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. We do not recommend using a mobile phone because we want to make sure all our students enjoy a quality learning experience. You will also need a good Wi-Fi connection. 


In case we need to close the teaching centre in line with government guidelines, we guarantee that your child’s classes will continue online

  • Online classes will include the same number of hours as face-to-face classes 

  • Online classes will be with the same teacher, same classmates and at the same time. 

Every child on the course will get an opportunity to participate in the Global Young Learners' Art Competition organised worldwide. 



Visit the LearnEnglish Kids website and start improving their English today. There are thousands of hints and tips, games and downloads. And most of it is FREE.