Partner: Motley Education

Test Takers: Students

Purpose of the test: Motley Education is using Aptis for its scholarship program - Hi-Brow

Skills Package: Grammar & Vocabulary and Reading

Mode of Delivery: Computer based (browser version)

Administration: Self- Administered by the client

Motley Education is focused on creating holistic educational environments within schools and universities in UK, Australia, India and United Arab Emirates. It lays emphasis on bringing the best practices and educational philosophies from across regions in order to improve schools and universities.

Hi-Brow is a school scholarship program for students from Grade 4 to 11 / Year 5 to 12 studying in UAE. This exam is unlike  other benchmarking examinations as it is firstly a SCHOLARSHIP and it not only gives rewards to the students for their efforts but also gives understanding of students life-long learning and provides parents  the gap analysis drawn from the exam (Students will be tested on English Language using British Council’s assessment Aptis, Mathematics and Aptitude for Creative and Innovative Problem-solving) to help fine-tuning skills within students and give them direction in terms of choosing innovative career options in the future.