Image from the launch of UK/UAE 2017 at Al Jahli Fort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.

The year-long programme will have three key themes:

1. Next Generation

We will help to provide young people with the skills and knowledge they require to become future leaders, and provide spaces for dialogue and discussion on issues of importance to both nations.

2. Community

We will organise public art works and site-specific performances, installations and events suitable all ages and taking place in public-spaces such as parks and shopping malls. 

We will bring together artists to promote the value, understanding and enjoyment of art and culture among young people across the UAE. We will capture the energy and enthusiasm of a vibrant generation of artists and professionals. Partnership between British and Emirati cultural institutions will ensure meaningful connections between artists, professionals and audiences.

3. Inclusion

We will develop programmes encouraging the participation of all members of society including those with special needs, the elderly, the disabled and those located outside of the major cities. We will use digital technology, reaching those unable to join us in person.