Teaching English and delivering UK exams are a key part of what we do in the UAE.

English language 

Worldwide, 300,000 learners took part in British Council teaching centre classes last year. We delivered more than 1.3 million hours of English lessons in over 80 teaching centres and partner premises in 49 countries. We reached nearly 100 million students via broadcasts, print and digital English teaching. Downloads of our mobile applications have exceeded one million.

In the UAE, we teach around 60,000 hours of English to more than 6,000 learners each year. 


Last year, over 2 million people in 90 countries took English, school and professional exams with us, 80,000 of them in the UAE.

Support for teachers

Every year we support almost 5 million English language teachers around the world. We help improve the quality of teaching in national schools and higher and further education systems through policy work and teacher training programmes. In the UAE, we have a long history of such partnerships.  

Programmes and events

During 2011-2012, over 150,000 people visited exhibitions, events and activities supported by the British Council in the UAE, and through our projects and programmes we engaged with a further 40,000 people.