We focus on your child’s holistic development.

We know that a child’s early years are a critical period of their development. In our centres we focus on your child's holistic development through a combination of activities using unique videos, stories, songs, music, movement, arts and craft to help your child learn English. 

Each activity is specially designed to help develop your child's:

  • communication skills
  • imagination and creativity
  • self-expression
  • decision-making skills
  • social skills.

By using the stories of Shaun and Timmy our teachers make language accessible and storytelling serves as a natural technique that aids memory. We create a learning experience that is dynamic, fun and enjoyable by structuring play in an interactive way to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity. Everything in our centre has been designed with your child’s safety at heart to ensure that your children develop a positive attitude to lifelong learning from an early age.  


As an organisation we have been helping children learn English for over 75 years and we always ensure that we employ the latest learning strategies in our centres. All of our teachers are highly qualified and experienced experts in teaching English to young learners. They create a sensory and exploratory play environment to ensure that the learning experience is dynamic, fun and enjoyable.