Sunday 05 November 2017 -
09:15 to 18:00

With collaboration with UK NARIC, this new one-day workshop is designed for non-UK institutions around the world, and is based on our successful Admissions Level 1 and Admissions Level 2 Training Days that we have been delivering in the UK since 2016.

This one-day interactive workshop gives a concentrated and thorough introduction to all the major international aspects of the admissions officer role. Workshop content and specific country information is tailored to the needs of the audience, wherever in the world it is, and the kind of institutions attending.

The workshop is practical with useful techniques, methods and checklists. However, there is also an emphasis on building a deeper understanding of education systems and the methods for the comparison of international qualifications. This equips you to knowledgably consider and evaluate a wide range of qualifications.


Registration 09:15–09:45
Chair’s Welcome and Introduction 09:45–10:00

Morning session

  • The role of admissions
  • Basis for international comparisons; understanding qualifications, accreditation and education systems
  • Selecting and assessing an applicant’s suitability and ability
  • Understanding English language proficiency

includes Refreshment Break

Afternoon session

  • Using official sources to inform decisions and reduce risk
  • Reducing risk safeguarding against fraud
  • European Qualifications Passports for Refugees
  • Developing a good practice admissions checklist

includes Refreshment Break

Final Q&A and chair’s closing comments
Summary and conclusion
Networking session 16:00 - 18:00