Dancers from Deaf Men Dancing perform Embrace ©

Deaf Man Dancing

Monday 06 November 2017 -
18:00 to 19:00
Dubai Opera Promenade

Deaf Men Dancing make their debut in the UAE

Don't miss the chance to see the unique dance company consisting of all-male, professional hearing-impaired dancers, Deaf Men Dancing, perform live at the Dubai Opera Promenade.

They will be presenting a special production titled Embrace, which tells the story of two strangers who meet for the first time and discover that the only way they are able to embrace each other is through Tango and sign language.

The production is a creation of Deaf Men Dancing’s founder and artistic director, Mark Smith, in collaboration with Dr Ray Batchelor, a Tango teacher for D/deaf CAN Dance!

Embrace will be coupled with some closed workshops with Sharjah Mime, a group of hearing impaired Mime performers in the UAE.

The performance is free to attend and open to public. 

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