Ian Davenport, Large Eglise (Cobalt Blue) 2016, acrylic on stainless steel mounted on aluminium panels, 248 x 372 cm ©

Image courtesy of the artist

Sunday 05 November 2017 to Saturday 03 March 2018
Custot Gallery

‘Cascade’ comes to the UAE

Custot Gallery Dubai presents Cascade, the first solo exhibition in the UAE by the celebrated British artist, Ian Davenport.

From 5 November 2017 until 3 March 2018, Cascade continues Davenport’s study into colour relationships and the detailed timing and application of the formal elements and processes of painting.

This exhibition includes some of Davenport’s newest works which are a continuation of his monumental painting, Giardini Colourfall, produced for Swatch at the 57th Venice Biennale, 2017.

The public exhibition has been complimented by a range of community outreach activities as well as numerous guided tours, some of which will be adapted for students and young visitors.

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