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Tuesday 18 April 2017 to Thursday 20 April 2017

Two academics from the University of Oxford's Biochemistry Department join Think Science Fair 2017, the region’s largest scientific fair. 

The University of Oxford has one of the largest and vibrant teaching and research Biochemistry Departments worldwide. Two of their top academics will be at Think Science 2017 giving hands on demonstrations of biochemistry principles, as well as explaining the course and admissions to Oxford for students and teachers alike. 

Biochemistry is a fast moving, exciting area of science that addresses the chemistry of living systems, from the simpler life forms of bacteria and plants, to humans, as well as the interplay between them.

The molecular nature of the subject gives the insights needed to understand genetics, the nature of diseases, cellular biology and molecular structures. Approaches to drug discovery and design, genetic modifications, stem cell development and medical diagnostics, are all founded in biochemistry.

Think Science is a platform for UAE youth (aged 15-24) designed to develop their knowledge of science and technology. Think Science aims to motivate and inspire them to pursue their curiosity and passion and to investigate solutions that tackle real-world problems.

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