English language assessment and testing for kids and teens from age 6 to 17 years

We know you want to follow your child’s progress in English. Our continual language assessment and testing gives a clear picture of their strengths, weaknesses and future learning goals.

Teachers help students identify what they do well and where they need to improve. This is based on their language assessments, skills and classroom performance. 

How to get informed and stay involved

Keeping you up to date with your child’s progress is very important for us. Here’s how you can get involved.

  • Find lesson aims on the learning hub’s discussion forum.
  • See how your child is doing on the learning hub progress dashboard.
  • Read your child’s self-assessment at the end of each module.
  • Receive reports and celebrate your child’s successes.
  • Attend parents’ evenings at the end of each term. 

Developing confident English speakers

Our English language assessment and testing helps children become more language-aware, more confident English speakers and better learners. 

Here’s how it works.

Formative assessment

Summative assessment (CEFR-linked teacher assessments)

Teachers continually engage learners with the objectives of classes through self- and peer assessment and reflection activities in a formative assessment cycle (Share aims>Reflect>Plan) Teachers use the project section of each magazine as a source of evidence to demonstrate progress to students and parents.

How our learner reports work

Teachers’ reports include updates on your child’s performance and progress. These are our key assessment criteria.

Speaking skills We assess students’ speaking skills by looking at pronunciation, vocabulary, confidence and effort.
Writing skills Assessing English language learners’ writing skills means testing their spelling and vocabulary. We also review how they organise their thoughts and how well messages are communicated.
Independent learning and homework Independent study at home is crucial for students’ progress. We test this by looking at completed homework, standards of submitted homework, and tasks completed via the learning hub.
Grammar Our learning magazines include tasks to develop students’ grammar skills and correct use of English. We test grammar via exercises to be completed during the course.
Vocabulary Teachers introduce new words in each class. We encourage students to use their newly acquired vocabulary throughout their communication in English. Learners are graded on their use of vocabulary in every lesson.
Final assessment This final grading is based on your child’s results, classroom participation and homework completion.

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