Youth Sports Leadership #MakeSportHappen

Youth Sport Leadership is a 3 year sports programme designed to teach young people essential skills and behaviours such as teamwork, leadership and persistence in achieving a goal. In the UAE 40 sports coaches and teachers have taken part in the project across the  United Arab Emirates. Next year, the project will be rolled out to students, with 15-16 year olds trained as young sports leaders and working with their 11-12 year old peers on a sports festival project within their school or community. 

This challenge helps the students to develop essential skills for the future such as teamwork, communication, leadership as well as build their confidence in these areas.

The programme, which is delivered through the Youth Sports Trust, International, has already been delivered in over 60 countries where it has had a transformational impact on the students and teachers who take part.

In partnership with Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi and SEDRA Foundation, the Play Unified workshop was delivered. Play Unified is a global movement aimed at ending the injustice, intolerance and inactivity of young people with intellectual disabilities and promoting social inclusion through shared sport training and competition for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. The workshop has a  total of 14 students and 15 adults.

In the UAE, we’re partnering with the Ministry of Education, who recognised the importance of unleashing the potential of their students through sports, in line with the UAE’s goals to create a healthy and happy population as part of the Vision for 2021.

This programme isn’t just for people who love sports, it is specifically designed to be inclusive for all young people who want to learn how to grow their leadership abilities, increase their confidence and work more collaboratively in groups. 

Rehana Mughal, Senior Programme Manager, Culture & Sports