Architectural sculptors Mark Revels and Brendan Jamison with some of their smaller carved sugar cube sculptures, Dubai Cruise Ship (2017), Burj Khalifa (2017) and Cayan Tower (2017).  ©

Tony Corey for Jamison Sculpture Studio

Tuesday 18 April 2017 to Thursday 20 April 2017

We are happy to be bringing architectural sculptors Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels to the United Arab Emirates for the very first time for Think Science 2017.

Think Science is a platform for UAE youth (aged 15-24) designed to develop their knowledge of science and technology. Think Science aims to motivate and inspire them to pursue their curiosity and passion and to investigate solutions that tackle real-world problems.

An exhibition and workshop series by Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels

At the British Council’s Think Science Stand, students and visitors will work with the artists-in-residence to explore contemporary city design, architecture, engineering stability and urban planning.

Through a fun and playful approach, students will be encouraged to create their own building designs through a 'learning through doing' approach, with Jamison and Revels assisting each participant during one hour workshops.

Sugar Science - A collaborative sculpture installation exhibition

  • When: 18-20 April
  • Where: British Council’s Think Science Stand, Dubai World Trade Centre

Jamison creates large sugar cube carvings for Diabetes Educators worldwide. Since 2013 he has been collaborating with sculptor Mark Revels to create works which combine art and science, with biological forms cross-pollinating with the fields of health, architecture and engineering. 

We are happy to be commissioning brand new work by Jamison for this exhibition. Two iconic buildings from the UAE will form the centre-piece of the exhibition space e.g. Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

Jamison and Revels will deliver workshops where participants create their own sculptures in the space, their pieces becoming part of the overall exhibition.

This event is sponsored by Lulu’s Hypermarket

Workshop themes

To register for the workshops please contact

Based on the concept of mass collaboration through a multi-disciplinary approach, Jamison and Revels are going to deliver six one-hour workshops where 20 participants will gather around the sculpture installation to create their own sculptures.

The workshops will focus on two specific topics: 1) The Science of Sugar and 2) The Science of Sculpture and Architecture. 

The Science of Sugar will start with a fun 'question and answer' quiz where students discuss the global medical crisis of diabetes. They will be asked to guess the number of cubes in the sculptures on display, converting the sugar content into calories and the amount of insulin required to offset the sugar intake. 

The Science of Sculpture and Architecture will focus on an exploration of engineering stability, contemporary design and urban planning. Jamison and Revels will outline how they construct their sugar city buildings, discussing the role of spatial awareness and the focus on maintaining a balance and harmony of urban planning when a city expands.

Students will then be encouraged to use their imagination to create their own free-standing structures within the Sugar Science space, their sculptures becoming part of the overall installation. 

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